A time to press the pause button

In today’s world of instant multitasking, mental, psychological plus physical draining is inevitable, that it’s no wonder we often feel the emotion ‘enough is enough!’ It’s difficult to prioritise these tasks as exigencies crop up, competing with work deadlines that weigh one down. Simultaneously, surprise callers/visitors expect immediate attention, and thus the list of being carried with the flow is endless…

The brain suffers from mind blocks from too much thinking and planning, as well as finishing the various jobs slotted for completion, thereby affecting our ability to embrace all and do so as expertly as we would desire. They are like invisible barriers standing in the way of our productivity and potential. We tend to get trapped by our own thought processes; get overwhelmed or anxious.

The necessities of livelihood in current times, however, drive us at a pace faster than we can cope with, but how much of what we chase after is truly necessary for our basic well-being?

The buck of acquisition never takes a break unless we disallow it from turning into an obsession! The body fortunately is most times a handy reminder that all’s not well with our equilibrium, our general condition of health, our endless pushing for it to perform in such situations, thereby proffering a gentle reminder to check up on all that’s perhaps not quite right within our fitness quotient.

Many crumble under stress with no previous warning, others who delay seeking support, might end up similarly. A stitch in time most often saves nine, as the oft-repeated adage goes! Isn’t this then the moment to hit the ‘pause’ button, take some deep breaths, and ponder over how much we can push ourselves; what unnecessary activities, habits, or whatever engagements or commitments we can dispense with for a while? Declutter your daily routine. And pay attention to your monologues and control the chatter in your mind.

An exhausted mind leads to an exhausted body and vice versa, even in the fittest of people. Extra fitness of mind and body, at the cost of pushing oneself to achieve it as per peer norms isn’t equal for all.

Each person must put life in perspective and arrive at a subjectively balanced lifestyle. Periodic reflection is an enabler!

Source: DH