Truth Builds Trusts : The Prince and The Honest Girl

In ancient China, It was a tradition that if a prince has to be married before he can become a crowned emperor. There was a prince who was about to be crowned. So he needed to find a young woman whom he could trust and get married to. Once there was a  who had to be crowned in a few days so Prince decided to call all the young women from his kingdom in order to find the most worthy candidate. There was an old woman who used to serve at the palace. When heard the news she got sad because she knew her daughter nurtured a secret love for the prince. After getting home she told her daughter about it. Her daughter decided that she would go to the palace.  The old woman got worried after knowing her decision. The old lady said to her daughter, “What will you do there?? There will be all beautiful and rich girls from kingdom will be present there..” The daughter replied, “Mother I know I won’t be chosen but it’s my only chance to spend time with the prince and that makes me happy.

I will go to the palace tomorrow.”Next day when the young girl reached the palace, she saw young women from all around kingdom were present there wearing beautiful clothes and jewellery, prepared to do anything to seize this opportunity to marry the prince. In the presence of all members of court and girls, the prince announced a challenge. He said, “I will give you each a seed. After six months time, a young woman who brings me the loveliest flower will be my wife and future empress.”All girls took seed and left.


The poor young girl also took her seed and planted it in a pot. She nurtured and took care of it with love. She believed that her love is true and flower will grow as large as her love for the prince. The girl saw that no shoot appeared even after three months have passed and nothing had grown in her pot. Young girl consulted farmers, peasants but nothing happened. With each day he felt that her dream has moved farther away. At last six months were over and still, nothing had grown in that pot. She knew she had no flower to show still she decided to go back to the palace with that pot. She reached palace on the final day. On the final day, all court member and girls arrived. She saw that all other candidates had wonderful results and each one had a lovely flower, she was the only one holding a flowerless pot.


Finally, the prince entered the courtroom and inspected all candidates pot and announced the result. He chose Servant’s daughter poor young girl as he would be wife. All other girls present there got angry and protested that she had nothing in her pot and the prince had chosen someone who had not managed to grow anything at all. Prince calmed them down and explained the reason. Prince said, “This young woman was the only one who cultivated the flower that made her worthy of becoming the empress: the flower of honesty. All the seeds I handed out were sterile and nothing could ever have grown from them.”Moral: We should not feel Disappointed if Things doesn’t go Way we think it should be. We should have Confidence and Stay Honesty and True because Honesty is the best policy.