More you Give, More you Get

All of us just love to take everything and anything that comes our way, isn’t it true? but when it comes to giving something, our face becomes grim and our heart sinks. Why is it so? If we look at what is happening around us, we would realise that we have become a society of takers. Surprisingly, when it comes to taking, none of us counts the cost, but when it comes to giving every tiny item is checked and calculated.


As a result of such an attitude, there is little left in this world to take or give that is really valuable. Those who are takers are not known as benevolent people or generous and will tend to have a mindset of ‘what’s in it for me?.’Such people are inclined to look for what they can gain from others, sometimes without considering the option of giving something from themselves. On the other hand, givers are those who are selfless and tend to give all they have, or a lot of what they have and usually are not willing to take anything back.


Giving is a fabulous trait that brings blessings and abundance, as long as it is coming from a complete place and it is used in the right dose. Unfortunately, the irony of today’s time is that we have trained our current generation to just take, take and take without giving their fair share. We have set up systems that encourage the attitude of giving a little and getting a great deal in return.


However, in this whole act of smartness, we tend to forget that nothing in this world comes without paying a price, if not now then for sure it will be later. There is nothing for free, that is the Universal Law. Even the air we all breath has to be paid for by energy we use to inhale and exhale.


If this simple law and all its deep implications could be understood and accepted, then our dealings with others would be based on honesty. Those who learn to keep their account of giving and take in balance can avoid bankruptcy. So let us all examine that how much have we received and how much have we given to others and to society.