Nothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent in life, not even the present menacing Covid-19 pandemic. The only permanent thing is change! Fame, riches, poverty, happiness, sorrows, troubles, difficulties, diseases, jobs and relationships, forms and substances, people and objects, and even you and me are transient. Change is an inevitable reality in life whether we accept it or not. Change is and will continue to be continuous.


If what we have and are today, is the consequence of our past, it equally goes that what we think and do today will determine our future. The seed of change is inherent in all situations.


All these equally apply to pandemics and economic slumps that we are facing today. Instead of falling into the abyss of despair anddepression, let us rise to make the best use of our inner potential and to shape a new future for ourselves and our country


Even considering the issue logically, nothing can be permanent because when the whole universe is constantly changing, the earth and our lives on this planet–a minuscule part of this universe–can never be permanent. What is born should die. The sooner we realise this eternal truth, the better for our wellbeing.


The immediate advantages that accrue from realizing this truth in life are myriad. Firstly, it infuses the confidence that the situation will change and will usher in hope for forthcoming. Secondly, it stirs up creativity summons positive thoughts and energy to look for possible solutions to overcome this undesirable situation. Thirdly, it opens up thoughts on what lessons can be learnt. Fourthly, it reminds us not to ignore our other comforts or pursue needless things – possessions, relationships, fame and credit. Fifthly, we become more tolerant, forgiving, understanding and loving. When we accept that situations, things and people change often, we develop the skill and capacity of adapting ourselves to new situations, new environments, and new people. Lastly, we begin to live life to the fullest by living in the present, in the thought that whatever we have today, whether we like or dislike, will all come to an end.


Source: Deccan Herald