The Paradigm ( Point of view)

A lady, waiting at the airport for a flight, felt very hungry. She went to a restaurant at the airport and bought a pack of cookies. She found a table in the restaurant & when she was about to open the pack of cookies, she thought of rechecking the flight time. After checking, when she came back to her table, she saw something she couldn’t have ever imagined. A decent looking man was already sitting there & eating cookies out of the pack. She felt very angry, wondered how he could do this. She sat on the other side and frowned at him. The man smiled back and offered her a cookie from the pack. She was really hungry, so she ate the cookie but also upset with the behaviour of the person. This was against decency and unacceptable to her.
This went on for some time, she kept eating from the same pack, rightfully so. But she also kept cursing this man and continued giving him an angry look. When only last cookie was left, the man broke it in two and gave one piece to her. Thereafter he smiled at the lady and left the restaurant. The lady kept thinking about the incidence and even thought of letting her anger out on the man if she ever saw him again.
When the flight was announced, she opened her handbag to take out the ticket. What she saw this time, left her in a state of shock. The pack of cookies was lying inside the bag. Before she went for checking the flight time, she had kept the pack in her bag. And she thought that she had left the pack on the table and the man was eating out of her pack. Unknowingly, the man had also bought the same pack and sat on the same table.
Does it happen to us, once in a while? We always see the reality through our own filters of paradigm. Looking the same pack & table, the lady immediately reached a conclusion that was based on her paradigm. She never bothered to challenge her point of view because she thought that she was right and the man was wrong.
Next time, before you get angry at someone, challenge your point of view (paradigm).