How time flies!! A month in Bahrain.

My journey began on the 30th of January when I boarded the Air India flight, crossed the sea and set foot in Bahrain at around 9 AM (Bahrain time). As soon as I got off I could feel the chills, which was totally different from my hometown. I got my visa stamped at the Airport and was later accompanied by the company driver who dropped me to my accommodation at Manama. The rest of my day went by resting.


31st January 2019 was the most special day of my life and the beginning of a new journey, with my new job and new responsibilities. I got to meet new people and liked the workplace and it was indeed a good start. Ever heard of “a home away from home” that’s what it feels like every Friday playing cricket at 6.30 in the morning with my Mangalorean friends. Well, the shopkeeper at the store I always go to is a Mangalorean too.
My accommodation is in the capital city, that lets me have easy access to almost everything. Most of the people here speak English and Hindi hence Arabic is not mandatory. All the major Bollywood movies and south Indian movies are released here in theaters. You have Indian cinemas, Indian restaurants, Indian food in supermarkets owned by Indians. The standard of living is quite good and you have all items from India are available here.


So far, so good and I’m trying to adjust in this new place with a positive mindset. Weather wise it’s a little hard to adjust as it’s my first time in such low temperature, and Mangalore is mostly warm.


About missing Mangalore? I miss Kudla a ton. Like always family comes first and I miss them a lot and adding to it all those beautiful memories with my friends. Mangalore being in the coastal region is known for its beaches and I miss all those evenings at the beach.


It’s all about time. Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today. With a proper job and work visa, Bahrain is surely a good place to be in as compared to other GCC countries.