Busyness Business

Once I asked my colleague “Hey, are you free?” I got reply “I’m very busy”. (We all know that when someone asks this question, this is only one possible answer) . Then in my mind  “Are you genuinely busy or are you fake busy?”  So-called busyness. We are not nearly as busy as we pretend to be. We’ve all been in the spot where someone asks you to do something or go somewhere, but you just don’t want to so you say you’re busy. I have few friends whenever I message them, they say they are busy. I wonder! how they get time to browse social networks, to check status!!! During work time also they will be online on social networks. Indeed, They are too busy, in browsing social networks, checking status, Gossiping about others and so on!!!
Busy is the response we give when we really don’t want to do or commit to something, instead of just saying “NO”. Busy is the answer we provide when we want to avoid something or someone, instead of just making time another day or telling the truth: that we don’t want to associate or interact with them. Busy is an excuse.


I am too busy to tell people how busy I am.!