Let love and gratitude be your God

The world needs more warm hearts than hotheads. The heart of education is the education of the heart. To activate the heart is a spiritual awakening. When there is love the world appears to be divine. To bring about such awakening… should be the goal of our lives. How do we bring this love energy into our daily life? One should learn to operate from commitment and not complain. The more one complains, the worrying part of one’s mind increases. The less one complains, the worrying part of the mind reduces. Then there would be a possibility of one’s heart opening up. Operate from love. Whatever you do just feel the love energy flowing through your actions. As you are reading this article feel your eyes lovingly give out divine energy of love. Feel the paper as an energy field of love. Feel the chair with a deep sense of gratitude. In India even eating food is a meditation called “Annapoorneshwari Upasana.” While having a bath feel the water to be the energy of love and feel grateful. Then, in such a state you will experience God. By doing this your heart centre will start functioning and only in love can one experience the divine.
Why is it so difficult to give love and do things lovingly?
We have the habit of complaining which is a part of the worrying mind.  We have the habit of being beggars of love rather than givers of love. This habit has taken over our lives and we live like a terrorist in our daily activities.
If I apply this principle in my relationship with my spouse and I go on giving and she does not receive or reciprocate where will this land me?
This type of thinking is a part of the worrying mind. A worrying mind is very calculative. When you are so calculative you suppress love.
The poetry of love is different. I am grateful to the receiver to receive my love.  One should be grateful to your partner for receiving your love. It is like I give a good lecture and there is no audience … just imagine how it would be. If there is an audience then I should be grateful for them for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts.