Wheel of Fortune…

Life always brings a surprise is a cliché. Home is always the only heavenly place you would like to go and relax after any busy work. It was 2nd of April between dusk and night, the beginning of the end of something, I can say end of day and beginning of something unexpected. After the tedious day at work, I was returning back home in my vehicle with thoughts of having a coffee as usual and relaxing in an aligned manner back on my lazy boy chair. With all these happy emotions I was heading towards my home sweet home, just 100m away as I entered my area and took first left turn, I saw a truck coming towards me and my brain stimulated my hands to apply the breaks even though it was a tar road there were many tiny pebbles shattered on ground, I went out of control with my vehicle and I was thrown off from the vehicle. To protect myself from hitting the road, I used my hand on the floor to push myself as protection. People around rushed towards me and that’s what they usually do at any incident. And I sat back gazing at my left right thumb finger, it was broken from its position and took a L shape. And the incident rewinded back in my mind which I couldn’t figure out what just happened and how my finger went out of shape. And in between those running thoughts, there was the truck driver who was offering me water to drink to wash hands but I was not in the state of mind to drink water I badly wanted to go home. But thanks to him and the area people who helped me through humanity. I took my vehicle and went home just gazing at the finger and showed it to my parents and asked them to take me to the hospital. My dad took me to Father Muller hospital and I went inside emergency ward and they asked me to lay on the bed till I reached Hospital there was no pain in my finger it was around 6:20 p.m. when I reached Hospital after few minutes they started treatment. Emergency department doctor made the finger straight. But he said you need micro hand surgery. They needed a specialist doctor who was not available he asked me to come the next morning and there I met Dr Lateesh L. one of the finest orthopaedic specialist.  He said he will do the surgery so he asked me to get admitted.
As per doctor’s advice on April 3rd, 2018 Afternoon around 2 p.m. I got admitted to Father Muller Hospital and I was waiting for my surgery but there was nobody showed up, at around 3 p.m. nurse from the department came and said today doctor is busy so the surgery was shifted to next day. I was languid but unfortunately could do nothing about it. The new day began when the sun rose, I went to the department and asked what time is my surgery. But the department nurse said in today’s surgery list your name is not there. I was extremely upset but fed my stomach with breakfast.  Around 9 in the morning anaesthetist came and collected my information and she said that I was undergoing surgery that day, she advised me to not to eat and drink. I was glad that my finger was going to be fixed. Afternoon around 2 o’clock nurse called me and ask me to wear operation dress. then they took me to operation theatre and they gave me local anaesthesia but it did not work so they gave me general anaesthesia and there I went to a sleep mode and had no clue what happened after. I woke up around 5 p.m. in the post-operation theatre. A feeling of someone calling me from far distance and when tried to open my eyes and there stood 3 4 nurses surrounding me looked like they are going to pounce on me and then I fell asleep again after few minutes I could hear a manly voice calling my name when I opened my eyes it was my dad , I had a mixed feeling I was very drowsy due to anaesthesia, then slept again, after an hour  they took me to my ward. Due to anaesthesia my hand was very heavy I was very drowsy so I slept then woke up. till next day morning, I had no pain.  Around 10 in the morning doctor came, he inquired my health and said tomorrow will be your discharge so I asked the doctor can you discharge me today but he refused. Afternoon around 2 o’clock the pain restarted they started to give painkiller injection. Next day morning I told not to give painkiller injection I can bear the pain it was my friend’s suggestion not to take painkiller because it may damage your Kidneys. Day of discharge morning assistant doctor Dr Saumya came and did dressing. Around 2 p.m. I got discharged. I never expected something like this would happen. I thank almighty for saving me from the huge disaster.
Special thanks to my dad for staying in the hospital and taking care of me, mom and sister for giving daily tiffin and my friends, my boss and colleagues for coming to see me in the hospital and a special thanks to my best friend for giving me health suggestions most needed during the time in hospital and to another friend from New Zealand for sending a flower bouquet. It was very beautiful.
Since I have plaster in my hand I could not type this article. All thanks to Google for the voice
“Your destination is a reward for safe driving”.