Study: Fat Belly Associated With Heart Problems

Belly fat is bad for your heart even if you are not obese, according to a study presented at a meeting of the European Society of Cardiology. “People with a normal weight, bug a fat belly have more chance of heart problems than people without a fat belly even if they are obese according to BMI,” the lead researcher said. Those with a normal BMI, but the high level of belly fat, were about twice more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or to death from cardiovascular causes compared to participants without central obesity, regardless of their BMI. If you have fat around your belly and it is greater than the size of your hips, visit your doctor to assess your cardiovascular health and fat distribution. If you have central obesity, the target will be waist loss rather than weight loss. Exercise more, decrease sedentary time by taking the stairs, increase your muscle mass with strength and resistance training, and cut out refined carbohydrates