The best journey takes you home

The prospect of going home is very appealing. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that there is someone waiting for you at home. That someone could be a parent, a spouse, a child or a friend and often due to the hectic pace of our life this special someone is taken for granted. Here is a pint-sized fable that puts the spotlight back on the person who makes the home a sanctuary.


While chasing a cow the lion and the cow both fall in quicksand. The lion used to manipulate the situation in his favour took some time to realise that this condition was beyond his control. Out of habit, however, he kept growling and trying to push himself out of the swamp.


He even made threatening moves towardsthe cow. The cow, on the other hand, was calm and seemingly unperturbed. This further disconcerted the lion. He said, “Don’t you know we are going to die? Are you delusional? Like the ostrich are you also pretending that the situation does not exist?” The cow smiled at the lion’s agitation. She said, “I am quiet and composed because I am certain I will be saved.” The lion was further unnerved. The cow went on to explain. “I have a master. When I don’t reach home before nightfall, he will come looking for me. He will pull me out of this distress.”


The lion scoffed at this. However, as if on cue, at twilight, a few men came towards the quicksand. One of them saw the plight of the cow and made arrangements to pull her out. And as the sun disappeared from the horizon the lion saw the cow going home with her master.


Having someone who literally and figuratively waits for our safe return, not only makes us more confident and poised individuals but also makes our home and eventually our heart a sanctuary. And if, we do get caught in the quicksand of our thoughts and actions this sanctuary will not only offer us a branch out of the quagmire, but will also burn bright and illuminate our heart. And if there is light in our heart we will certainly find our way back home.


Source: Deccan Herald