A Motivational Story

This story is about two boys who lived in a village, one of them was 6 years old, and the other was 10 years old. They were so close since childhood. Both lived together, played together, ate together. One day they went to the outskirts of the village, and while playing the elder one falls into the well. He starts shouting for help as he did not know how to swim. Now the 6-year-old child looked here and there, but he didn’t find anyone whom he could call for help, then certainly he saw a bucket tied with a rope. Without wasting even a second he threw the bucket into the well and told his friend to catch it. The 10-year-old boy grabbed the bucket firmly, and the 6-year-old boy pulled the bucket with all his strength madly, and he did not stop until he pulled his friend out of the well and rescued him.
They hugged each other and happily went back to the village. When they told this incident to the village people, they surprised since it was Clichés, a kid who didn’t have enough strength to lift a full water of bucket how could he dragged a boy who was older than him by 4 years.
The village people went to an old man who was well-known in their village and was the wisest person. They told him the story and asked, “How is it possible that kid who didn’t had enough strength to lift a full water of bucket how could he dragged a boy who was older than him by 4 years” when he heard the story he said that “What can I told you about this, the kid said the things very clearly. He had thrown the bucket into the well. His friend holds it, he pulled and he saved his friend. What more I can say. See the question is not how could he save him, but why could he save him. It has only one answer, when he did that there was no one even a far distance to tell him that he can’t do this.”
We have a lot of hidden potentials that we even don’t know. And if we know then we don’t use it because we fear what people would say. More than that, there is our own voice shouting inside that you can’t do this. What if we stop listening to these voices and listen only to our heart. I will simply say miracle will be a very small word for the output you will generate.
Source: Sandeep Maheshwari, Motivational speaker
Converted: Hindi to English