Knowledge is the key to happiness

Knowledge is the key to overcome sorrow, pain, grief, depressions, anxiety, fear etc and is also the key to gain happiness, success and spiritual evolution.
Insufficient knowledge about a subject leads to sorrow and pain. Right kind of knowledge helps one to overcome them, face the situation aptly and re-establish in peace and happiness.


The best example to explain this point is about the rope which is generally perceived as a snake in darkness. There are three ways to deal with this perceived snake.


(1) To run away in fear without bothering to know if it is a real snake or just the perceived one

(2) React aggressively – take a stick and hit the perceived snake till you feel it is dead




(3) Bring a torchlight and see what it is.


In most of the cases your fear will be found to be imaginary and if it is a real snake then also it will run away fearing attack.


In real life situations also this example is applicable. Most of the time we run out of fear in a perceived painful situation even though the real situation would not have been so painful. We may sometimes react very aggressively or depressively and spoil the situation further. Only in cases where you face the situation with full knowledge, understanding and patience, you would overcome, almost all the unfavourable and painful situations in life. It would only be a matter of time.