The Dilemma of Love and Regret of Lifetime : A Love Story

She was a simple homely girl from a small town who had many dreams. He was a simple guy with a successful career. Fate brought them together, he fell in love and she accepted her feelings for him too. She looked upon him as her everything. He understood her more than anyone. He wanted to provide everything that was good for her. She wanted to do everything that can make him happy.


He wanted her to grow out of shadows of in-home life and become self-dependent. He wanted her to learn how to face the harsh reality of society and make a career, so if anything happens to him in the future, she can survive. He was constantly guiding her and often even cautioned her when she made mistakes. He was molding her for her own good. She was getting success and many people were showing interest in her.Oh did I mention she was beautiful too!! She had a innocent smile that could reach anyone’s heart.


As time passed, she became more confident and her career was getting strong. But he was always by her, always guiding her and continued to push her for more progress. However, she did no longer like him giving her advice. She felt that she is more than capable of deciding what to do. He too was busy with his work and differences started building between them. She started arguing with him for everything and never understood why he was pushing her for more growth. She left him saying, “I am not going to listen to you always, I can decide what’s best for me now, I am successful, There are many people who will be more than happy to accept me as I am, If you do not like it, go to hell.”


He was hurt as he loved her truly seeing her simplicity and failed to understand why she would think in such a negative manner about him. He always wanted her to be independent, and felt proud each time she reached the new height of success, how could she say such things. He left her saying,


“Perhaps the ego of success has grown in the mind that has failed to feel my feelings for you in your heart. I loved you when you were a simple girl without a career or success in your life. My intention was always to encourage you, not to make you feel anything less. Perhaps, failure was mine that after all the time we spent together; I couldn’t make you understand what you are for me and what I wished for you. I wished only best for you, I wished you achieve more success than me. That was the only reason I always guided you and cautioned you. May you find everything you wished for”


He knew that both were made for each other, no one can make them happy as much as they can make each other. But, he had no words left to say as he was truly heartbroken. She later realized it but, it was too late and had to end up living with the regret of a lifetime.


Moral: Only those who care for you will try to show you the right path by guiding you or even being harsh occasionally – only because they want the best for you. Think for a minute of the past and person who was part of your life then but not today, Where would you have been today if it was not for such person to be in your life? Let go of ego and anger because eventually, it will cost us what could be the most valuable part of our life


Source: Moral Stories