Think before doing something; A story of a Potter

Long ago, there was a person who was very good at making beautiful pots. His name was “Kumbaranna “. Even though he was making good pots, he had a great ambition to make a pot which will never break.


One day, an angel passing by heard his secret wish. Angel decided to grant him the wish. But before doing that, Angel wanted to confirm. Angel again asked him does he really want that boon to be granted. Kumbaranna said “YES”.  Angel granted him the boon. Quickly, he prepared a pot to check. He slammed the prepared pot against the wall. Pot didn’t break! Happily, he said to everyone in the village that he prepared a pot which will not break.
Hearing that, people thronged to his house to buy the pots. Kumbaranna was very happy. But soon his happiness vanished. Because now everyone has bought the unbreakable pot. If a pot doesn’t break, why would anyone take the trouble to buy a new one?! Kumbaranna has closed his shop and searching for another job. He even has the slight hope of finding the angel and to take back the boon.


One should consider the consequences of doing something. You should always think before you act to prevent unwanted consequences. If you don’t think before you act, you may realize that you did not really want to do what you did. Take time to consider what will happen if you do it, and often times you won’t!


Don’t make a promise when you are happy.
Don’t reply, when you are sad.
Don’t take decisions’ when you are angry.
Think twice and act wise.