The Game of My Life

June 17, 2018, It was calm Sunday after heavy rainfall. The sky with white fluffy clouds, like cotton balls floating in a space, and some resembling football motivated me to play football. It was the perfect day to play earlier than usual. I called my friends to play, they were lazy on the bed as it was Sunday and you can never think of better option than just sleeping in your cosy bed with the soothing sound of raindrops outside. It was just crazy me who was enthusiastically interested to play with zeal. I went to one of my friend’s place and slept there for half an hour as I could not see any signs of waking up. Around 4 PM a whole lot of friends gathered at the playground. The perfect day had more crowd than usual, there were 30 people. We started the game and enjoyed under the clouds, and I was a defender was doing quite good but not really excellent.

When FIFA fever runs in your brains you try imitating the players and I tried to be football player even though I haven’t played this game often. I defended few balls by the head, one among this, was bad to defend. Around 7.45pm I felt weak, I sat in the corner and asked my friend to get water. He refused and said, stop acting, then he brought water and splashed on my face. In a minute I completely felt lost on the left side. I was weak and numb on the left side and had no strength. He called others, they rushed me to a nearby hospital. They immediately instructed to shift me to the city hospital.  My friends took me to Fr Mullers Hospital, Kankanady, they said ICU beds are full they didn’t even bother to take inside emergency, immediately my friends took me to KMC.


CT Scanning, MRI scanning, Angiogram report clarified that there is an internal bleeding in the brain. Before treatment was initiated I could feel the movement on the left side. For the safety and for the observation, the doctor advised admitting ICU. For a day I was in the ICU. Next day they shifted me to the ward. After treatment, I got discharged on June 22nd, 2018.  And yes I am back to my normal fit and fine.


I would be wrong if I do not thank. Firstly, I thank Heavenly Father for saving my life and restoring my health. I thank my all friends who took me to the hospital (Wilfy and Team). I thank my family for taking care. I thank my boss and colleagues for their support and prayers. All other friends and family for their hospital visit. Last but not the least, I thank doctors and nurses for their care. Thank you all