You may need it in future…

Ramanna was struggling hard to meet his family’s demands. But he was able to give his only son, a good education. But son still could not find a job. Ramanna, by using his influence, was able to get a small job to his son. Now son is married and having his own son. Ramanna is now suffering from paralysis and is dependent on others for his daily activities. Ramanna’s son was becoming more and more restless as expenses of the house were going on increasing. He thought looking after his disabled father is becoming a burden.
One day he decided to get rid of his father. He bought a new wheelchair and asked Ramanna to sit on the chair as he is taking Ramanna near a doctor for the check-up. Both started their journey. Ramanna was getting confused as they are heading to the top of a hill instead of a hospital. Now Ramanna has come to know of evil plan of his son. He didn’t say anything. Finally, they have reached the top of the hill. Son prepared to push the wheelchair down the hill.
That time Ramanna said, “Don’t push the wheelchair down with me. You may need it in future in similar condition!