Indeed one step towards cleanliness… A child remembers and follows everything taught in school.” School days” oh yes what great fun it was! It was the foundation of our life. We were mainly thought all sort of manners everyday every class in a different way. We had to keep our class clean, ourselves clean and the school environment clean. We celebrated environment day every year and had to do volunteer in work allotted related to cleanliness…
Today we see there’s so much development in our city. Man is growing technology, more than trees, but in order to ensure the hygiene all over the city, it is very necessary to solve the problems of sanitation, safe toilet, and proper waste management. Proper hygiene and cleanliness has the capability to change the global perception about India and may attract more tourists every year which in turn may increase economy of India to a great level.
However, a child grows and just takes the education with him and leaves back the habits taught in school. He sees the city spread with dirt and ignores it. Mangalore has been awarded the best city many times but still, the pollution being increased and diseases shooting up can be more of a deathful city. It’s all about how we keep our city clean. We just have to be a child, a human, and give our bits to the society. Together you can make the change. An Eco-friendly society is always needed its citizen to be healthy and clean in every facet of life. Cleanliness is not limited to any person, religion, caste, gender or place, it is the responsibility of everyone to clean themselves as well as their surroundings to really make India a clean India in near future
As far as Mangalore City Corporation concerned, it is playing a major role. They have contributed in tremendous ways to clean the city and now by launching swachhatha app. This is a simple way to clean the city. You do not have to remove the dirt by yourself from anywhere but just need to capture pictures and upload. You will find this app in Play store, download the app and register your phone number and locate your place. You’re done now. If you find dirt anywhere just click the picture and upload it, within 12 hours the dirt will be removed. Isn’t it a good way to keep the city clean…? Of course yes…!
Thus, let’s join together and spread the useful message to everyone and everywhere and create awareness in the city to promote and keep Mangalore clean, healthy and safe from disease.