Various areas of the coast, including Mangalore City, have literally shifted to pre-monsoon precipitation. Rainwater is flowing on the road due to the silt of the sewers in many parts of the city, the public has complained due to poor maintenance of drainage system. As the south-west monsoon arrived Karnataka earlier than usual, Mangalore, Udupi and its surrounding areas are receiving heavy rains since Monday night. After some relief Tuesday morning, rains continue unabated since 9:30 am.


In between heavy rainfall and the artificial flood did you notice something about Mangaloreans…?
It’s nothing but a humanitarian help by the people of Mangalore as usual during an emergency situation… really appreciated… There was no caste, no politics, and no gender in them while assisting people to cross the flooded area… I was on the way to home, when I reached Yekkur there was an artificial flood, people were struggling to go home, there I saw some people, who were requesting car drivers to help others by taking them in their car to cross the flooded area. In the middle of the flooded area, my vehicle stopped, one guy, pushed my vehicle to get out of the flooded area. I was wearing full raincoat and helmet. He didn’t even know who I am. I am really thankful for his kind assistance… A heartfelt thank you…!


How beautiful is this… People without religion! If people were divided by religion they would not have helped others, they just would have helped only their people. This clearly shows people are divided by politics, not by religion, caste, or gender…


Proud To Be A Mangalorean…!